About Faasthelp
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Our Vision is to Accelerate Businesses with Rapidly Integrable SaaS Solutions.

Our Products intend to make product development integration swift, feature rich and empowers customers. We craft our products with passion, involvement. We use cutting edge technologies and bring seamless efficiency into our products. We enable to address customer needs with essential features. Ease of use is the way of life for customer with intuitive workflows.
Customer Delight is Our Mantra

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Value Proposition

Increases sales and revenue

This increases the sales and there by revenues to the business, since this can sit on your business app and can be used for selling and upsetting the products, not only that we can promote the products which we want to sell.

Reduces support costs by 60%

The support costs are automatically reduced as this can replace the human routine work with the AI engine. And the capacity is too huge that it can replace unlimited agents.

Immediate responses to queries

The bot can analyze what customer is talking about in seconds and can respond to that with in seconds. Now it is very simple and everything is too faast.


"Faasthelp Customer support making our geographically distributed customers reach us at any point of time without spending anything on that. We are very much delighted to have faasthelp."
Janardhan Gupta
"We have Faasthelp as part of our customer centric program. It has certainly reduced our Turn around time with respect to customer complaints and also saved us on extra resource."
Geetha and Sandesh
"Faasthelp One of the best Plug & Play Customer support system with artificial intelligence. This has improved the customer satisfaction with its fast responsive products."
Priyank Jain
"Working with Faasthelp was a great experience. I can't say enough how well it's tailored to the need of our company. It has really improved the way our support team interacts with our client."