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Nowadays the global customers are increasingly growing as tech-savvy and they expect their favorite brands/companies to have that technology as well especially when it comes to customer service. According to a recent study, more and more customers are preferring for self-service over contacting a support agent and they say that they use knowledge base if it meets their needs. Customer self-help or the Knowledgebase is the fastest and most cost-effective way to customer support.The 2 main advantages of having a self-help in your business application are:

Decreased number of tickets:
Yes, by having self-help software in your business the count of a number of tickets raised will automatically drop down as most of the customers like to solve the issues by themselves. Provide suitable and important topics for your self-help, if needed you can also provide a link to another referral which will provide further information for the article. So, by looking into these articles customers can solve the issues thereby there will be no need for the customers to raise the ticket and wait until they get a response.

Increased Customer Satisfaction:
By giving customers what they want and what they need is the main aim of getting customer satisfaction and this can be achieved by having an amazing customer self-help where you can give all the important information through articles for the customers which will be useful for them thereby it increases the customer satisfaction and also customer engagement will be more for your site and customer shows interest in your product.

One such Amazing Knowledgebase is faasthelp . faasthelp’s knowledge base can be used by both businesses as well as customers.The businesses (internal users) can go the FAQ section and can add any number of questions in any required category and post the answer. Knowledgebase articles can be changed to public and private mode as well. And there is also search option available, customers can find answers using the search bar by giving a right keyword. You can also add images and videos for your articles in faasthelp.

Private is accessed by the staff of the company only. The Knowledgebase which should not be made public but still is required for the staff to refer on daily basis, you can select as Private and made them secret or secured information.

Public knowledge base articles can be accessed by anyone including your customers. All the information which you want to make Public can be selected as public.

FAQ will appear on all the screens of your business page. You or your customers need not go away from the page to get access to the self-help. Being on the same page you can do all the activities. #faasthelp #livehelpdesk #livechat #knowledgebasesoftware #customerservicesoftware #simple support software#helpdesk #customerservice #livehelp#onlinelivechat

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