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2 tips for Enhancing a Knowledge base

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“Michael was writing many Knowledge Base articles about his organization and product thinking it will be useful for the customers who are having queries about his product and those queries will be solved and the work of support team will be reduced. But later on after some days, his thinking was wrong since neither customers calling to the support team was not reduced to the amount he was thinking nor customers queries were not solved for what he expected.He didn’t know what was going wrong and discussed his problem with his friend Samuel who was running the same type of business but didn’t have any issue like Michael. Samuel suggested him that it is not the problem of his Knowledge base software but have to check on the articles how you publish. He gave 2 tips to Michael for enhancing his Knowledge base articles.”

1.Make sure the content is readable:
While writing articles we have to make sure that the content is readable and is simple to understand to anyone who read. Some important points can be highlighted, can make it bold or change the font such as Use images or videos if necessary. In the articles, we can also give important links or references which are related to the articles so that customers can even go through the links. At the end of the article, we can also include whether this article is helpful? Say Yes or No.

2.Receive Customers Suggestions:
We should always keep improvising our Knowledge base articles and this can be done in a right way by taking the customers suggestions. We can create a platform to take the suggestions or conduct a survey to improve the knowledge base. This way we can provide a good customer experience to those who are using knowledge base tool.

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