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3 myths about AI(Artificial Intelligence) that should be ruled out

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As we know Artificial intelligence is already being used in businesses across industries like retail to telecommunications to travel and hospitality to finance and banking. Yet as AI usage continues to grow, the misconceptions regarding AI’s role in this technology world are impacting companies’ future towards the use of AI.

Now it’s the time to rule out these below myths behind and instead focus on AI’s (Artificial Intelligence) potential.

With the growth of AI (Artificial Intelligence) people misunderstood that machines are replacing and substituting the roles of people. That is wrong, in fact, AI is most becoming more beneficial to businesses when it works along with the employees.

AI(Artificial Intelligence) will replace routine and repetitive tasks, such as paperwork. As a result, employees can have the opportunity to take on more complex issues. According to a study, more than 500 office employees said they felt they performed the duties of their job descriptions only 45% of the time. The remaining 55% of their time was spent on other tasks, such as administrative duties and answering emails.

AI(Artificial Intelligence) can solve these time-consuming tasks so that employees can spend more time focusing on their job priorities and solving complex problems.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) often brings into question the line between robots and humans. AI is being brought into the workplace as an adaptable, accurate and flexible technology, rather than a piece of machine. The beauty of AI is, it is logical, intelligent, decision making and emotionless and all this is comes with its technology.

AI’s (Artificial Intelligence's) capabilities are it “will automatically make decisions, leading to more effective work with more accuracy.” Even human beings can make decisions but our decisions come with basic human error for example like an emotional bias or an unstated benefit. AI which has the ability to pull data quickly and responds within less time, AI removes human error from these big decisions and can give the best results for a company.

Though, AI’s (Artificial Intelligence's) work still requires supervision by humans. As we are trusting AI with these additional decision-making tasks, this technology still depends on humans for constant training and improvement and any complex issues will be passed to humans and they are required to solve it.

Many of us had an experience of calling a customer service line and finding a robot on the other end. What most of us don’t realize, that well-designed customer service AI technology is meant to improve, rather than hurt the customer experience as they designed to save your time and freeing up live agents to focus on other complex issues.

Humans and AI(Artificial Intelligence)working together with one another makes the customer service experience smoother and more efficient, accurate and time saving for both customers and businesses. Customers have their questions answered or issues are resolved in a timely manner and thus businesses can save time and money by sending customers to live agents only when the customer service issue requires live agents.

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