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4 things you must know while building an internal knowledge base

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In our previous blog “The secret of successful benefits of having internal knowledge base” we already discussed how having an internal knowledge base can benefit your business. Now, the next thought is when building/creating the first internal knowledge base what things you need to keep in mind because building an internal knowledge base is as important as building external knowledge base which leads to employee satisfaction and employee engagement. So have a look:

1.Give access to your employees:
As here we are talking about internal knowledge base and you are sharing some private information inside it see to that you are giving access to your employees because employees like to be transparent and they like to know what is going on in the company, so don’t be afraid to give access but make sure it is legally protected to avoid any unwanted situations.
faasthelp has an amazing knowledge base. You can add any number of questions based on the category you choose. Knowledge base articles can also be changed to private or public. This is the added advantage of faasthelp.Private can be accessed by the staff of the company only, it can be changed to the public anytime if the knowledge has to reach your staff as well as your customers. Public knowledge base articles can be accessed by anyone including your customers also. If your customers stuck having many questions on the display window he/she can simply search for the right keywords in search option available.

2.Choose the editors:
For writing articles for knowledge base it is better to have a team of employees who will be thoroughly focussing on the writing and improvement of the knowledge base. Make a plan among that team members like who will be the editor and review all the articles before the date of publish. Try to motivate your employees to contribute to the knowledge base and appreciate them for small tips and tricks they give to you.

3.Make it simple:
Sometimes you will be confused from where to start the article. This will be difficult if the company is larger. So make it simple first by having a list of frequently asked questions inside your company. For this you can go to all your departments for example like support team, sales team, and development team and collect the questions from them and start writing. Try to ask each employee what question they would like to be answered.

4.Focus on the homepage:
This will be the important aspect once you are ready to publish internally. Have a clear idea on the categories and subcategories that you include on the homepage and don’t forget to have a search bar to navigate easily for the employees who look for the topics they needed.

So if you focus on these above points you will able to create your internal knowledge base, these steps will be helpful for you to make a initial release of your internal knowledge base.

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faasthelp will be ideal for any business to have.You can have a feel of how it looks like by hopping on to faasthelp and has amazing features like :

All these features are bundled in a single button and can be integrated into your business application in less than a minute without disturbing any other functions. So make your customers happy and increase your customer satisfaction by just logging onto .
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