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4 ways to respond to many customers without making them wait.

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How are you responding to your customers?? How are you keeping them engaged in your website? These type of questions arise when we start looking for customer satisfaction. A great conversation with the customers and keeping them engaged in a pleasant way can help any business to grow.
When a customer contacts you or raises a query it is your responsibility to solve the issue quickly or sometimes the issues may be taking time to resolve which results in customers losing patience and getting angry. During these types of situations below are the ways in which you can respond to the customers without making them wait:

1.Through Live Chat:
Many businesses should have live chat because it provides easy access to the customers who want to reach the support team without spending too much of time. Customers can get their answers to their doubts from the support team agents through live chat without making them wait. From the live chat, customers not only get quick responses but also can save them for future references.
Having a reliable live chat software and a team of skilled agents can engage many customers using multiple chat conversations at the same time which not only saves time as well as money. Having a live chat software prevents customers waiting in queue.

2.Tell customers to Log and leave a message:
When customers are having an issue it'sĀ better to tell them to log and leave a message so that immediately that will notify the agents who are working and will start looking into the issue once an alert has reached the agents. By doing so the response from the agents will also be quick and also the customers need not wait for a long time for the reply.

3.Engage with some other thing:
When customers are waiting for the issue to be solved and when they are online we can engage them with some new thing which they are not aware of.For example sending an email regarding new offers, discounts or sending them about some new product or a feature which is in our business, or sending them about new plans and subscriptions make them busy while they are waiting for the issue to be solved and also keep them engaged in our website.

4.Use of Knowledgebase:
Tell the customers how to solve the issues by using the Knowledgebase because some of the issues can just be solved by themselves by going through the articles or links based on the issue and even most of the customers want the same. By doing so customers need not wait for too long for the issue to be solved which saves time and also the knowledge base can be used for further references.

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