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5 Ways To Delight Your Customer With Helpdesk

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1.Helpdesk support system in your business application
When a customer faces any issue, immediately he/she will visit the business application (web/mobile) for support. At this point of time, how good will it be if we can provide help in the application itself, instead of making them go away from the application and asking them to e-mail or call? It is good to give the necessary help to the customer within 5 seconds. This can be achieved only when the support/help is there in the business application itself. Businesses can integrate their applications with the help desk software.

2.Let helpdesk be transparent and traceable to customer
Empower your customer to log their tickets by themselves. Let them have transparency in the workflow of the tickets and statuses. The workflow must contain the information about the current Status and who is working on it. Let the customer track the issue by themselves to make it transparent. Allow them a mechanism to contact them. This will increase the reliability towards the organization with the Customer.

3.Easy user interface
A user-friendly interface should be there to register the customer request/queries. The interface should be as short as Possible with collecting only the relevant information.

4.Give priority to customers
Understanding the Critical of the issue the customer is facing and prioritizing the ticket and taking action on it as quick turnaround, instead of adhering to the rule of solving tickets on first come first served basis, will be an effective way of solving tickets on first come first served basis, will be an effective way of delighting the customers.

5.Feedback service
Let there be a feedback system where the customer can rate the services with a set of questionnaires and provision to give his/her suggestion in their own words.

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