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6 Reasons your customers might leave your website

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Once you have built your website you start thinking or have a conception that visitors will surely come to your website and they get engaged. But it does not work the same way every time because of many reasons and one such reason is bad website design. By this way you are showing an easy path for letting go your customers to the competitors.
So you need to look out for the smartest ways to keep your website attractive and effective to your customers from several viewpoints. Below are some reasons that might make customers leave your website, avoid these below points:

1.Bad website design:
As already mentioned above, this might be the first reason why they will leave your site. It may be because of boring design or bad website user experience. There are chances when visitors might just focus on the images or graphics or the content apart from the actual website design. So make sure your website should be user friendly interface and easy to navigate. So to have a good customer experience and make customers stay on your website, try to develop an attractive and relevant website. And also website should not take too long to load, avoid unnecessary plug-ins, multiple tracking scripts which are time taking processes.

2.No proper way to contact you:
Good customer experience is important for any website. When they visit your website and need some assistance you should readily available or else they will be frustrated and leave the site.It is also important to provide contact details so that customers can contact you. So have a “Contact us” page separately in your website so that customers will navigate to this page directly.

3.Poor content:
Content is the most important part of a website nowadays. Have a checklist on the content like “Is the content well written, grammatically correct and understanding? So when customers are looking out for any information have a good content in your website and make it readable by adding images or visuals to grab customers attention thereby increasing customer experience.

4.Having pop ups:
Yes, don’t use pop ups and redirects which will make the customer irritated and leave your website because we all know the fact that these pop ups and redirects are irritating which often leads to some other sign ups or other advertisements related.

5.Not optimized for mobile:
Most of us use mobiles or tablets in our day to day life for using the internet. So many customers look out for mobile friendly websites so that they can access from anywhere. So see to that your site is mobile friendly and easily able to navigate from all the mobile devices or else you will be losing a large amount of customers.

6.Difficult check out process:
Nowadays Customers are opting for easy and simple process for anything they want to do like for example doing online payments when buying something in a ecommerce website. Whenever they make some purchase they should feel really easy and comfortable otherwise they may leave the website because bad online user experience. So make your checkout process easy and simple to follow.

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