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For providing better services to its customers, Telecom industry always looks for new improved technology to serve the people.

Some of the Telecom Industries are already using the booming technologies which are none other than AI (Artificial Intelligence), Chatbots and Machine Learning because these technologies can become the turning point by providing better connectivity, communication and best customer service.

By having AI powered chatbots into business it will also be cost effective and it will increase revenue for the Telecom Industry. Some of the industry's big players are funding in to the AI technology for tasks like to process big data, to improve process efficiency and to benefit with revenue growth.

The important feature of AI chatbots in many industries is providing Customer Support and enhancing the customer experience as chatbots solves most of the customer queries.

Intresting thing about chatbot is that it is developed in such a way that it can understand human language in voice and respond to them with more accurate way. Chatbots have the ability to provide 24/7 customer support and resolve the customer queries where a human finds it difficult to sit all 24 hours. AI chatbots can handle multiple customers at same time.

Chatbots with its intelligence can understand what the customers are asking and will reply according to it based on predictive analysis. Chatbots can be said as powerful interactive tools which can help customers in making purchase decisions based on their behaviour and past conversations.

At present as there is more number of mobile users, Telecom sector has big role in global market share so companies are focusing towards how to optimize these data with the help of artificial intelligence. AI can add value in providing services like virtual assistance where it helps companies to understand the patterns and improve decision making process.

Different companies are adopting AI chatbots in different ways to leverage its benefit and keep them updated with innovative solutions to meet customers need.

Recent study shows that telecom industry will be highly benefited with AI chatbots, machine learning, NLP and these technologies will lead to disruptive innovation in their process and services and will drive to revenue growth.

Faasthelp, an AI powered chatbots for sales and customer support is a one stop solution for solving different customer queries for all industries. Our 3 intelligent bots which are chatbot, talking bot and email can answer customer queries related to billing, plans, and customers account management.

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