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AI chatbots are a big boon for HR Industry!!! Know how

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As we already know and aware that Artificial Intelligence is a new technology buzz word, it is transforming our day-to-day tasks, business operations & customer support in a much better way. Many of us feel that AI chatbots will replace a human which is not all true, infact it will help humans in their tasks so that they can concentrate more on complex issues.

When we come to the field of recruitment the same principle will be applicable that is chatbots play important role in smoothening the process of recruitment. Check out the ways how AI chatbots help in recruitment:

1.Helps in Automation of tasks
Recruiting a candidate means it includes a series of tasks like going through the candidates’ resumes and short listing them. Using AI chatbots can help in simplyfying out these tasks effectively so that recruiters can focus on other important tasks.

Chatbots can make lives easier for recruiters by automating every task and these chatbots can help in shortlisting the best candidates for the organization easily & quickly.

2.Proactive hiring:
AI chatbots proactively takes an important role in the hiring process as the hiring procedure includes not just hiring people blindly but involves lots of other tasks as well as mentioned in the above point and these tasks will be quite challenging sometimes.

Artificial intelligence chatbots will help to solve a number of problems as it not only collates data, but facilitates in screening candidates and helps in choosing the right candidates for the next rounds.

3.Helps in building rapport with candidates:
Judging a candidate based on their answers under interview pressure is not always the best way to hire the candidates. Recruiters can build rapport with the selected candidates once the selection process is over and get to know more about them. This building rapport with the candidates will be hampered if the recruiters will be busy in tasks like handling resumes and screening them. If these tasks can be done by AI chatbots, human recruiters will have time to build a rapport with the candidates.

In this way we should be thankful enough for AI chatbots innovation as it has transformed our lives significantly and made our work easier.

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Faasthelp is a sales and customer support software powered with Artificial intelligence. Our faasthelp’s products which are chatbot,talk/voicebot and emailbot proactively starts chatting with your customers and solves the query, gives assistance if they have any .It will reply within seconds through chat, voice and mail whenever customers are on your website. Our products will also help you in sales of your products or services. It has also knowledge base and ticketing software where you can have any number of knowledge base questions which will help customers self helping themselves and they can also raise a ticket by logging a query.

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