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In the past, researchers and experts were predicting the future is going to be full of AI (Artificial intelligence) technology and yes it has become true, it is having a great impact on human life and all the businesses. Now AI technology and the chatbots which are developed using AI are embedded in almost all industries to improve customer satisfaction and engagement and help in driving the business to the success growth.

One such industry which we can say AI chatbots having a wide applicability is that “Education Sector”. It can help students and teachers in many ways and many educational institutions are already using chatbots to smoothen their administrative tasks. Below are some of the other ways where AI chatbots can improve students’ learning process.

1.Improves learning experience:
Having AI chatbots in the educational softwares/ websites enhances individual learning experience. These chatbots helps students to become expertise in their interest area. These chatbots help students to learn courses based on their needs.

2.Acts as a tutor:
AI chatbots can provide support to students by answering their queries 24/7 when their teachers are not available and help them in understanding difficult concepts.

3.Provides feedback:
AI chatbots provides feedback on students’ performance and alerts on low progress for the teachers. Many institutions will be benefitted by implementing AI to track the student’s progress and get feedback about the need for improvement. With this feedback teachers can improve their guidance towards the students.

4.Different role to teachers:
Yes with the implement of AI chatbots which help the students in learning basic fundamentals, the role of teachers will change more to facilitator so that they can teach the students further with real world experience and creative learning and they can improve deep thinking to the students.


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