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Are you ready with answers for these questions asked by your website visitors??

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According to a study, most of the visitors or customers who visit our website expect answers within a minute and if they don’t get a reply they will leave our site. Leaving our site causes decrease in the customer engagement and customer satisfaction and thereby business will go down slowly.
If your customer is looking for any particular answer always respond in time. Sometimes you or your support agent team might be clueless about what questions customers or website visitors will ask when they visit your website. So have the answers ready for these common questions, website visitors might ask.

1.What is your product all about?
Customers will not be having the time to go through full of your website. It is obvious that from the very first glance, they will not understand about your business and about your product offerings. So this will be the most common and first question they might ask. You should have the answer ready to describe your business in the best possible way. Sometimes you may have very less time to respond and if you don’t reply quickly they will leave your website. A useful tip to avoid this question is that, make sure your home page describes your products in its best way, so that customers get a clear idea in the very first place and they all get their answers. You can even have questions regarding the product features in your knowledgebase.
faasthelp is an amazing knowledge base software. You can have the knowledge base in all screens without hindering your application once you integrate. You can add any number of questions based on the categories your created.If your customers stuck having many questions on the display window he/she can simply search for the right keywords in search option available. faasthelp has a wonderful option to make the articles private or public. You can add images and videos to your questions here

2.What is the benefit for me with your product?
Once the customer gets an idea about your business next question that comes in their mind is how your product is beneficial to him which can make his life better. You should be telling them briefly and effectively about the benefits of your product.
Businesses can have many benefits from faasthelp like :

3.What about the pricing?
There are chances that by having a conversation with you or going through your website, the visitor might get interested in your product. So, this will be the next question he might ask you or he will go in search of ‘Pricing’ page to understand the pricing. Make sure customer gets the details as soon as possible. For this you can do things like adding a detailed ‘pricing’ page on your website, providing the pricing page link very easily, have questions regarding the pricing in your knowledgebase
faasthelp comes with very afforable pricing.Just have a look here!!!

4.Who else is using your services?
Website visitors before taking your product into consideration they look out for product reviews and ratings from existing customers. A good review always helps to build trust amongst the customers. So, always mention the names of clients whoever are using your services in your main page. Also, make sure your support team knowing about the client profile, so that when asked they can explain clearly. Add customer testimonials, reviews on your website.

5.How can I contact you if needed?
This will be the most important question customers might ask you. Any visitor before buying any product, they always have this question on mind like how to reach you in case they face any issue with the product. So make sure you respond to this question very quickly and have a “contact us” page on your website and the links you provide should be working properly, otherwise you may lose the chance to convert the website visitor into your customer. You should be easily available by providing good customer support through phone, email and live chat and also let them know when you are offline or unavailable for customer support.

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faasthelp has amazing features like :

All these features are bundled in a single button and can be integrated into your business application in less than a minute without disturbing any other functions. So make your customers happy and increase your customer satisfaction by just logging onto .
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