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Avoid these mistakes when building a external knowledge base

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A Knowledge base is a medium by which you speak with your customers.It's understanding your customer issues and help them in utilizing your product through the use of Knowledge base. Knowledge base aides your customers towards an answer through an organised documentation by which the customers get relief.
Building a Knowledge base is like building a completely new website,except it is integrated into your existing one.Building this part of website, I mean Knowledge base needs more attention as it is a section where most of your customers will be heading every time they need some information about your service. So to keep your external knowledge base worthy to the customers,avoid these common mistakes while you are building it.

1.Stop doing it in Old fashioned way:
In the past, companies had frequently asked questions in their website where customers would find the answers for their questions but there would be many dozen of questions which consumes a lot of time to search for a particular answer.
But as of now when we are building an external knowledge base for the customers it’s better to have a search option so that customer can find the answer quickly when they give a right keyword. Considering that you will have plenty of answers inside your knowledge base, the most common way your customers would be accessing it should be by searching.

2.Not giving Importance to your design:
You need to give importance to the overall user experience when building a knowledge base. Your knowledge base should be having an appealing design.That’s the most important part of your knowledge base so don’t hesitate to invest some time making it more appealing and easier to access and use.
The second most important part of your knowledge base is your adding the categories .You can plan the categories and subcategories depending on your requirements.

3.Making it hard to find:
When your main aim is to reduce customer requests by building a knowledge base you need to make sure that the knowledge base is easily accessible to your customers because this is the first thing customers will search in your homepage when they have any problem.
A good practice would be to educate the customers about the existence of the knowledge base. One of better ways is to include your knowledge base link inside every support ticket response you send or even considering including auto-reply message after the ticket is created where you can ask your customers are they sure that they couldn’t find the answer inside the knowledge base.

4.Don’t hide your Contact:
Customers should not face a situation where there are finding difficult to find an answer in a knowledge base and also there are not able to contact your support agent team.
It is important for the customers to show off your contact details clearly so that they contact your support agent team if they don’t find the answer in your Knowledge base. So an idea is to have a contact/support tickets attached right below your knowledge base articles or in a sidebar.

5.One question, two answers???:
This is also a very common mistake!! The reason a large portion of individuals do this because they think their answers, which resemble only one sentence or two, are too short to put them just as a knowledge base article.
You cannot do like this because when you list dozen of such answers inside a single knowledge base article, you are increasing the period of time of your customers searching for the answer and you are increasing the chances of they getting confused and they eventually give up and rather call your customer support. Every additional answer might create distraction for them.

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