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In this market competition many businesses choose to have live chat because it provides easy access to the customers who wants to reach the support team without spending too much of time. Customers can get their answers for their doubts from your support team agents if you are having a live chat software. Live chat offers convenience and immediate access to offer assistance to the customers. Live chat also makes it possible to have a chat simultaneously with multiple numbers of customers by which you solve more issues more quickly. Live chat has now become an important tool for sales and customer support.
Having said the advantages of live chat software above, some of you might have just started to look out for live chat software in the market which can be beneficial to your business, you might also get a common question like what are the important features I should look in a live chat software as many companies are offering live chat software???
So look at these top features that a live chat software should have:

1.Proactive chat:
Having this feature in your live chat helps your support team agents in getting new visitors to your website who can also become your clients and thereby it increases customer engagement. This feature is an important tool for satisfying the customers when they need any help. Here you can have a look at advantages of proactive chat

2.Observation of chats:
Live chat software helps you to observe which support agent is on real time chatting with the customers and you can have a detailed chat history between your customers or website visitors and agents. It helps you to understand the impact of your support service and increases the efficiency and productivity of the team.

3.Get into customers mobile:
Ya, mobile optimization is the special feature that a live chat software should have which enables agents to contact the customers through mobile devices. By having mobile app of your website you can offer instant assistance to the new visitors and also for existing customers. Customers can connect quickly start the conversation with the support team from anywhere with mobile.

4.Tracking of Visitors:
By this feature, you can get a clear understanding of your website visitor’s behaviour. This feature of live chat makes it easy to monitor the key metrics and observes the whole process for both your website visitors and agents. Tracking can be done by measuring several aspects like the total amount of time spent by your website visitor on each chat, the overall activity of your agents, conversion tracking, monitoring chat history and many more.

5.Quick response being offline as well:
You cannot have live agents working 24x7. If you are offline also you should have some other medium so that you will get notifications when customers want to reach you and you can be online. One of the main features of live chat is message routing. When support team is offline, customers can log on and leave a message so that agents will get notifications through email alerts or the message can be raised as a ticket and soon agents will come online to answer the query for the customers.

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faasthelp is also an amazing live chat software where customers can directly have a chat with the businesses.You can also get email alerts for any missed chats.Apart from live chat,it has features like FAQ where customers can get the answers for their queries in required category,search option is also available for the right question by giving a right keyword.Businesses can even add images and videos to the answers which will help customers to undesrstand the answers easily.It also has a simple ticketing system where you can create a ticket as well as track those ticket to know the status of the tickets and all these features are bundled in a single button and can be integrated into your business application in less than a minute without disturbing any other functions.Add unlimited Agents/employees to support your business with no additional cost. So make your customers happy and increase your customer satisfaction by just logging onto #faasthelp #livehelpdesk #bestlivechat #bestknowledgebasesoftware #bestcustomerservicesoftware #simple support software#bestcustomersupportsoftware #livesupport #bestknowledgebase #unlimitedagents #best help desk ticketing system

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