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With the increasing demand for high and organised travel experiences, the tourism industry needs to offer better services and travel packages to the travellers so that they should enjoy their trip without any confusions. Most travellers nowadays search for deals and packages tours online. Taking this into mind, travel firms need to enhance their online presence using Artificial intelligence powered chatbots like faasthelp’s Rocchat, Roctalk and Rocemail. Our intelligent systems connect with your website visitors, offers them support in selecting holiday packages, manage last minute changes in any tour plans and solves customer problems in real-time. It will make it easier for travel firms to facilitate customers’ online holiday booking experience.Here are few more benefits our bots can do in travel and tourism industry.

1.Guides customers:
Travellers often visit tourism websites to search for the perfect travel packages and locations. With our machines they can get a lot of information about accommodation, meals, flights, hotels and transport facilities and guides the website visitors. Having these chatbots can decrease your operation cost as it handles major work of online travel operators. They will be more responsive and accessible to visitors who want to get relevant information. For example, “A visitor states that he would like to visit a tourist destination that is similar to Spain, chatbots directly engage with the customer and give suggestions which are similar to Spain, good accommodation, places to visit in that place etc.”

2.Instant answers for queries:
Travellers may have queries about travelling to foreign destinations. Like for example, they can be about travel insurance cover, the visa processing laws of different countries and the necessary documents for travelling internationally. Travellers might also want to know about currency conversion deals, accommodation facilities and the local transport at places they would visit. Artificial intelligence powered chatbots solves any queries instantly that travellers may have in real time. They also answer the queries about your company’s special holiday deals. By providing immediate response by these chatbots , you assure your customers that you are there to help them whenever they require. This has a strong impact on the customer while making a buying decision.

3.Helps at checkout process:
Many visitors may feel uncomfortable when making online payments. For example, when visitor finalizes his decision after knowing everything about the tour package which he wanted to book and his card details are rejected. The customer searches for a solution on your website and seeing that there is no solution to this matter, he decides to leave. In such a situation, having chatbots at your website chats directly with your customer and guides them the procedure on how to make a payment and sends necessary information or links through chat or email. If the issue is still complicated it will pass the issue to the agents. This prevents visitors from abandoning your website.

The multiple features of chatbots will enable your business to further improve online experience. It eases customers’ online booking processes and it will improve your company’s efficiency. In this way, your travel firm can increase its revenue and achieve a long-term competitive edge.

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Faasthelp is a sales and customer support software powered with Artificial intelligence. Our faasthelp’s products which are Rocchat,Roctalk and Rocemail proactively starts chatting with your customers and solves the query, gives assistance if they have any .It will reply within seconds through chat, voice and mail whenever customers are on your website. Our products will also help you in sales of your products or services. It has also knowledge base and ticketing software where you can have any number of knowledge base questions which will help customers self helping themselves and they can also raise a ticket by logging a query.

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