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Business based on using a software to provide financial services for Corporations and Individual Industries. technology companies are generally startups founded with the purpose of replacing incumbent financial systems and corporations that rely less on software.

For the Industries, customer support is very important. One of the best customer support software that is available in the market for industries is Roctik.

Roctik is a product of Faasthelp .Our customer support ticketing software blends with any business application and serves customers instantaneously. It is an easy plug and play customer service system which sits on the top of your business application. By using Roctik, you do not need to have 24/7 executive sitting and responding calls. You can save a lot of costs which comes just with 24.99 $ per month. It is having a facility to add unlimited agents.

According to industry standard, customer support should be available within 5 seconds from the time customer gets an issue. That can be only achieved when the help is right there on top of the business application. Faasthelp Roctik can make this possible for you. In just a few minutes you can have customer support from your application.

When a customer gets any issue, he/she will be in panic mode. In that mode, when they visit the web page for help, instead of getting the help, most business will usually make them to E-mail. This will take away a customer from the Business Application. Customer will not know the trace of the e-mail.The pain which customer goes through with e-mail based support systems, being separated out of the support system is alienated.

Faasthelp is a simple customer support and engagement tool.To see how it would be to have faasthelp click on and signup to get the free trail on your application.
Here are some benefits Faasthelp can bring to any company.

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