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The expectation of the customers to get their issues related to their financial transactions are to be resolved is just immediate in no time. It is practically not possible to make the support resources available at their desktop stations all the time in a 24/7 fashion. If u try to implement that kind of 24/7 support, there will be a huge cost of investment on resources and the idle time of the resources will also be more. This will not be applicable to many Fintech organizations and only it will become a waste investment. There are also some emergency incidents which needs to be addressed immediately. Hence the traditional way of offering any customer support by physical presence at desks is no more an effective way.

To meet with above customer expectations, it is important for the companies to develop and own an android application for their customer support system. The availability of Mobile phones to service personnel’s will help in notifying them whenever an emergency ticket is raised. Also, it makes sure that your support team is accessible to your customers wherever they go and whatever the time is. Your agents need not worry about not being at their desks all the time and missing out on high priority and urgent tickets which need to be resolved immediately instead they can manage their help desk on the move, by using their android apps on their mobile phones and tabs. They can also a response to the customer emails from mobile by attaching images, videos, resolving steps invoices etc. Also, the customer would like to raise tickets in a readymade template in an app right from their hand through mobile phones. Thus it is inevitable for a Fintech organizations to launch an android application for their support service.

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