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Self service customer support channels are undoubtedly a big help in giving a right assistance to the customers and can take customers satisfaction to a next level. Many companies can give self help for their customers through many ways like FAQ (frequently asked questions) pages or CRM (customer relationship management) software accessible through their business site.

According to a study, it was revealed that not everyone who offers self service options is able to provide it to the customers successfully. Although 75% of customers prefer to fix matters on their own, only 50% reported to find the necessary information on the self service channels of the brands they use. To know if you are doing self service customer care in a right way, see if you have already following these customer service tips for improving your online support efficiency.

1.Have it user-friendly:
Self service should make customers feel empowered by how easily they can get the help and getting answers from your website without the need of contacting your agent. So have it user friendly by making important buttons visible, limit the command to just a few clicks and make searching easy for customers so that they avoid to ask for assistance on how to use the app or how to navigate the page.

2.Ask satisfaction rating:
How will you get to know if the articles are really helping out the customers?? So for this you can get the answer straight from the customers by asking them to rate the articles you publish. Apart from telling which articles needs to be brushed, rate buttons and scales can help you to measure the quality of your service.

3.Publish answers on actual inquiries:
Your support agents are the best source of writing your articles and what should be included in it. If your agents are encountered with same type of questions often then consider those topics to be included in your knowledge base and have it on your main page. You can be more interactive and creative by asking your online community for submissions and votes on what inquiries should be resolved on a weekly or monthly post, you can put all those questions and answer through a video as well.

4.Optimize for multiple devices:
It is nice to have an ever accessible database of answers on the web, but it will be much better to let the customer’s access via mobile or even when they are offline. Give them the multichannel convenience by allowing them choose between a webpage or app that runs smoothly regardless of their operating system.

5.Update your knowledge base:
This is definitely a must do if your business is a product base which undergoes frequent updation of any new feature. So you should be regularly updating your knowledge base but it should not be limited only to user manuals and FAQ pages, with every change in your products or industry benchmark or any trend related to your business your past articles should also be edited or followed up with current details.

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