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Customer Service Success and How to Measure that

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It is important for any organization to determine the success by measuring the various aspects such as profit margin, a number of customers loyal to the brand, awards obtained from common platforms and satisfaction level attained by the customers etc. By capturing the below-mentioned data the customer service success rate can be measured.

Product usage:
Customer success metrics based on product usage data is the most effective way within the Metrics-driven SaaS Business. The more a customer uses your SaaS product, the less likely the customer is to churn. Not only does use indicate how much the customer values your product, prolonged use correlates strongly with switching costs. Customer success metrics that track inadequate use are key indicators of churn, while those that track deep and frequent use are strong indicators of customer advocacy.

Customer Surveys
Getting feedback from the customers with various questionnaires and asking them to rate from 1 to 5 for different aspects such as overall service satisfaction, technical skills of service agent, Response and Resolution time etc. are the most direct indicators of customer service success as it is obtained directly from the customers itself.

Financial Metrics:
Financial metrics express the relationships between the financial statement and resource items. Although they provide historical data, management can use ratios to identify internal strengths and weaknesses and estimate future financial performance. Ratios are not generally meaningful as standalone numbers, but they are meaningful when compared to historical data and industry averages. Calculating the Gross Margin and effort rate of each service agent conveys the actual success obtained in the customer service provided by the organization.

Customer Complaints:
The quality of service can be measured by the number of complaints an organization is receiving. A common assumption is that when the number of frustrated customers is increased, that the quality of services has decreased. The Organization must take extreme care in segregating the customer complaints like a complaint on individual service agent or overall operations and must take necessary corrective actions.

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