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Is customer loyalty and satisfaction mean the same???

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“Harry visits an e-commerce shopping website for a specific brand to purchase a pair of shoes. After selecting the shoes, he completes the payment process. The product which Harry ordered got delivered to him within the given time. He is happy. After couple of days he again returns to the website of the same brand to make some purchase again.”

So is the customer loyal to that brand? Or is he a satisfied customer? Is there any comparison between loyalty and satisfaction? What is customer loyalty and satisfaction all about? Let us check it out.

What they both mean exactly??
Though customer satisfaction and loyalty sounds similar but actually both are different. Customer satisfaction measures the degree in which a particular service of yours or product meets the customer expectations. The more satisfied the customer is, the happier he is with the brand.
Whereas loyalty we can say that it is the customer’s likeness to purchase again from the same brand or business. Your loyal customers themselves tell other people about your brand/product/service which may lead to more sales. Through word of mouth, automatically you will gain brand recognition among others. So building customer loyalty is very important.

Meanings are almost same....then what is the difference?
Let us take the same scenario from above. Harry is satisfied with that specific brand. Now loyalty comes into picture when a different brand comes with offering the same shoes at a discount price and yet Harry purchases from the same brand as before.
Here in this scenario, Harry had a chance to buy the same shoes at a discount price, but he chose to return to the same brand for purchase- so this called customer loyalty.

Conclusion :
Satisfied customers will promote your brand through word-of-mouth. Sometimes satisfied customers may not be loyal to you. They may not be always happy with your brand but still will speak positively and return for repeat purchase (only in the absence of other direct competitor).
Whereas loyal customers gets engaged by doing repeat purchases. The best part in loyalty is your loyal customers will always purchase from your brand without going around for the best deals or discounts from other brands. They will convey the message to their friends and family to purchase from you. Thus it also helps in growth of business and increase in sales. Loyal customers don’t require much assistance, introductions and free trials as they are already familiar with your brand.

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