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Customer Service mistakes which we should never make

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Customers are the king and without the customer service, a business is incomplete. Customer service can either turn into a huge success of a business or make it out of the market. For better growth prospects, an organization should strive to deliver excellent customer service without any flaws. The business can’t afford to repeat the same mistake at customers, if they did so they have to pay a huge price. The following are the customer service mistakes in which each service staff must comply with in order to deliver good customer service.

Making customers wait for a long time
Time is precious for all and nobody likes to wait and waste time. Ensure that each request is addressed and resolved with reasonable time bound and the deadline is well informed in advance to the customer. Instead, if a customer is waiting for a long time to get the first response may frustrate the customer and eventually they switch to a competitor.

Misunderstanding the customer requirements
Always listen to the customers with full attention and clearly understand what customer want. Never assume anything the customers want. If you are in doubt, ask the customer right away and get clarified. Even if you receive the request orally, convert into a document form and get it approved from the customers itself to make sure that you understood well about the requirements.

Don’t discriminate or disrespect the customer
Each customer is valuable and may be the advocates of the organization. Customers will get more annoyed if they are not treated well or discriminate for small incidents like not making them seated properly in a showroom or preferred to serve customer came after them etc. Though there are loyal customers, offering some discounts or giving preferences only to them in-front of normal customers is also an act of discrimination and should be avoided.

Don’t be irresponsible and insensitive
Treat each request from the customer as an important one. It is not right to say to a customer that their request is not important enough to be bothered. Try to understand the state of mind of customers and act accordingly. Don’t behave like a robot. Show some intimation towards the customers and understand their level of urgency for any request they put up in front.

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