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Alert!!! Customers may stop using your knowledge base if you ignore these

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In all our previous blogs like Do you know how important is knowledge base?, Do you know knowledge base reduces issues count drastically ?, Which is that one important thing while having a knowledge base? We have seen the importance of having a knowledge base in your business website which helps not only your customers but also the organization by increase in customer satisfaction and customer engagement.
Sometimes we might neglect the knowledge base articles due to some other priorities due to which customers lose interest in reading the articles there by it automatically impacts your business sales because of decrease in customer engagement and satisfaction.
So have a look at these points to improve your knowledge base:

1.Polish your content:
Majority of customers jump to your competitors if they don’t find your knowledge base articles interesting to read. Polish your content of the knowledge base by understanding what they want and what are they searching in your website by using data analytics or ask your support team what are the common questions customers have been asking.
And one more thing here to tell is as your product grows and improves many things you have said in your articles will be outdated and no longer will be valid. For example, if customers search any information regarding your product they might get old information if you have not updated it. This is why keeping your content up to date is crucial.

2.Put a reminder:
Your content may be amazing but what if nobody is reading it??Simply having a good content is not enough. You need to tell the customers to use your knowledge base for any information and answers because they might be using only email or sending a ticket and some will be not aware of this knowledge base section. Promoting it in emails is a very good way.
For example, for every ticket and e-mail or while sending a ‘thank you’ note ,consider adding a small “Hey, if you are looking for similar answers, then you can check out -this section- of our knowledge base to get a faster response for your query!”.

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faasthelp is an amazing knowledge base software. You can have the knowledge base in all screens without hindering your application once you integrate. You can add any number of questions based on the categories your created.If your customers stuck having many questions on the display window he/she can simply search for the right keywords in search option available. faasthelp has a wonderful option to make the articles private or public. You can also add images and videos to your questions which will be helpful to the customers. #faasthelp #livehelpdesk #livechat #knowledgebasesoftware #customerservicesoftware #simple support software#helpdesk #customerservice #livehelp#onlinelivechat

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