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Follow these easy tips to excel in your live chat conversations

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We can say that live chat is becoming a new channel for communication in any type of businesses let it be small or medium sized business and it combines the familiarity of texting with more formal nature of business conversations. And live chat is becoming the path to reach the customer satisfaction. But with the live chat support how to deliver the best customer experience???How should you chat with your customers? These might be few questions that come into mind when you think about live chat.
So see the tips below on how to chat with customers. Follow these simple tips which can give you a great impact and therefore increasing customer satisfaction.

1.1. Avoid caps lock:
When it comes to online web chat, chatting by using capital letters will be equal to shouting .It looks like or feels like you are shouting at the customers. You can use capital letters when any important message you are conveying to the customers so that it gets highlighted but avoid all the conversations in caps lock.

2.Use Emojis:
Yes, you read it right. Sometimes the true meaning of the words expressed by you will not reach to the customers. For example, the customer with whom you are chatting may think you are being rude when that is not your intention at all!!!Emojis will help you to overcome this type of situations and helps you to communicate the true emotion.

3.Punctuate accordingly:
Use an appropriate punctuations according to what type of conversations you are doing with your customer. Use an exclamation point to show excitement or a question mark for asking anything. These are useful for quick conversations as well. The important things here to remember is don’t use them together and avoid using it repeatedly.

4.Use proper grammar:
You got a chance to make your English teachers proud. Hahaha!!!Jokes apart, just because the live chat is less formal than email it doesn’t mean you should be carefree with the customers. You can use spell check before sending the reply if you are not sure of your grammar and stay polished with your words.

5.Don’t interrupt:
Sometimes it can take customers or website visitors a bit longer to respond or finish the conversation. Avoid interrupting when they are trying to type. Especially on live chat, they may be looking for something. Just wait and have patience.

6.Don’t be a bug:
Avoid asking the customers, “Are you still there?” use this only when needed. Sometimes there are chances that a customer totally forgets that he/she was chatting with you.If you irritate them with this question too much it makes them feel as though you are trying to escape from them by finishing of the conversation soon.

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faasthelp is also an amazing live chat software where customers can directly have a chat with the businesses. You can also get email alerts for any missed chats Apart from live chat, it has features like FAQ where customers can get the answers for their queries in required category, search option is also available for the right question by giving a right keyword. Businesses can even add images and videos to the answers which will help customers to understand the answers easily and can make the answers private or public based on requirement. Public answers can be viewed by everyone whereas private can be viewed only by the staff of the company. It also has a simple ticketing system where you can create a ticket as well as track those ticket to know the status of the tickets and all these features are bundled in a single button and can be integrated into your business application in less than a minute without disturbing any other functions. Add unlimited Agents/employees to support your business with no additional cost. #faasthelp #livehelpdesk #bestlivechat #bestknowledgebasesoftware #bestcustomerservicesoftware #simple support software#bestcustomersupportsoftware #livesupport #bestknowledgebase #unlimitedagents #best help desk ticketing system

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