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As we all know “Knowledge is power “, we need to think about knowledge as a source of power that acts as a fuel for the productivity in any organization. For the growth of your organization and increase in productivity, employees of different departments need to connect and share information. Knowledge transfer from one department to other might solve a problem faster.

Your employees should be learning about the products and new features of your company, so that maximum work can be done. For this they should have access to useful information that could become reference notes and manuals whenever there is a need. Information such as marketing strategies, product features and benefits, organizational departments, etc should also have an access. All these can be done by having knowledge base software, designed to obtain important information within your company and make it accessible for all your employees.

In this article we will see how knowledge base is worth your investment for your business:

1.Acts like Central system of documentation:
According to a study, employees spend about 20 % of their time looking out of the information they need for work either from going through all the files or by asking the colleagues. A knowledge base like faasthelp acts as a central system for all the information so that allowing you to access and share it with ease. It should be such that it allows access to all the departments so that any updated information can be updated from all the departments at one place.

2.Will reduce the cost for training:
Knowledge base like faasthelp can reduce the cost on training programs which are lengthy and expensive. New employees can be provided training papers, user manuals and company information from your knowledge base right when they join.

3.Increase in the online sales:
The advantages of a knowledge base are many. A knowledge base provides a help desk which will be benefit for your customers. Online helping information which is powered by a knowledge base, can convert customers to sales by making information easily available.

For example, imagine an ecommerce store where customers interact with the staff of the store. Mary, a customer may find that the information which she needed is not listed on a product’s package, which leads Mary to ask for help to the staff. The staff can provide all information regarding that product with the help of knowledge base to Mary, helping her understand the product or can suggest Mary to use the knowledge base for all the information regarding the product which later can lead to buying that product.

4.Removal of mistakes :
Occurrence of mistakes in the company can bring low profits to that company which is way we need a system like knowledge base that prevent repeated mistakes. A knowledge base can eliminate mistakes by providing information related to each project by organizing the data neatly according to the topics. Knowledge base will be systematic processes to organize data on all the activities and makes it easily accessible for the employees. Reducing the number of mistakes is an efficient practice, further proving why having a knowledge base in your business is worth your investment.

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