How an Artificial intelligence chatbots can impact your customer satisfaction?

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Customer satisfaction is the key ingredient for any business to go on a successful path. With the increase in technology, customers have become more demanding, and looking out for improved mean for their support.

A study shows that 60% of customers are satisfied using live chat services which are artificial intelligence featured chatbots and talking bot as compared to other means of communication i.e. phone, e-mail and social media support. It is simple and effective and accurate way to provide an instant and timely assistance to customers, which creates a convenient two-way form of communication resulting in a higher level of customer satisfaction. Let’s look upon few more factors that are contributing increasingly towards the customer satisfaction by implementing chatbots in the business.

1.Instant feedback
Artificial intelligence chatbots enables quality interactions with your customers. For a business to operate proactively, it is important to know what customers want from the brand and what issues they might be facing right now with their products or services. The task involves a lot of time and resources if done by other means, however, with chatbots makes the job hassle free.

Customers will be able to share their suggestions and opinions more efficiently with businesses through chatbots with its intelligence will be replying to the customers with a personalised human touch.

2.Helps to identify customer pain points:
Pain point is either a problem that a customer has with the business that is not resolved or is a client need that has not yet been addressed. With the help of artificial intelligence based chatbots , it can have a conversation with the customers proactively and understand what they want from the business and quickly resolves the issue within seconds. By having these intelligent systems it will become easy to discover any underlying problem or need that a customer might have with the business. We can identify those and get addressed in an effective manner which ultimately enhances customer satisfaction.

3.Offers convenience for customers:
The interactive conversation of chatbots and talking bots makes it convenient for customers to contact the business in real time especially when they are looking for solutions to their issues. Quick and accurate response within few seconds by the intelligence of bots makes it more favourable, by bringing them closer to and content with the brand and its services.

4.Conversations lead to conversions:
It often happens that when customers call a customer service helpline, they are often put on hold for longer times making them irritated and they start to feel switching to a more comfortable option. So by having chatbots at your website is faster, accurate and convenient in giving real-time responses to customers, and eliminating their doubts that might occur during the purchase. Getting their doubts cleared up and offering a continuous support around the clock, not only saves time for the customers but leads to a positive action like purchase of the product and ending up into increase in the number of prospects and a reduction in the overall cost of the business.

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