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Chatbot is the latest trend that is going around in this tech world. Everyone in the tech world wants to know how impressive and advantage is to have a Chabot in your business. In this article we will see what benefits it can bring to your business.

What are Chatbots?
Chatbots are computer designed programmes which are designed convincingly to simulate how a human would behave while having a conversation with another human. They can be two types like AI chatbots and script base chatbots where AI ( Artificial Intelligence )chatbots use artificial intelligence which extracts data from multiple conversations, draws a context and answers within that context, they will be designed in such a way that a real human is responding from other side. Script base chatbots will have predefined scripts which they follow and are useful for generic use.

Why Chatbots?
As messaging apps are booming a high rate in the technology world, customers prefer business who are having a chat software. Customers feel that their queries are resolved faster if a website has a live chat software and it more convenient to them. But we have to make sure that every query on the chat is answered within few seconds whether it is day or night. This is where chatbots comes into place. Having these chatbots in your business can answer the customers no matter where they are and no matter what time it is.

How can they be used for the business?
Every business can be benefitted from the chatbots which can also increase their business growth.They can be breaked down as pre purchase bots such as sales or marketing bots and post purchase such as customer support bots. Here are some of the used cases:

Prepurchased bots can be used as query bots, shopping assistant bots and explainer bots. Query bots can be used to answer the customer queries, we can implement a pair of 10 frequently asked questions and program the bot to answer them. Shopping assistant bots can help you sell more if its a ecommerce website. Customers can have a chat and resolve the issues if they face anything during the shopping. Explainer bots can be used to explain your product to the customers and help the customers to understand the product.

Post purchase bots can be used once the customers purchased your product. These bots can be used as scheduling returns if it’s an ecommerce business, registering complaints, taking feedback. These bots can do anything that has a process to it.

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