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How big the knowledge base article can be ?

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While writing a knowledge base article this will be the common doubt like how big the article should be?? Big?? Small?? or Medium??

“For example, an article which is easy for a scientist to read will be difficult for a school student to read. Scientist wants a detailed description in the article while student wants it in a simple way so that it’s understood easily”

Any article will not get interested to read because of the length of the article or many paragraphs its carrying, it will be interested based on what main points its carrying in the article and whether the article is useful or not.

Similarly, any Knowledgebase article should not be measured in terms of how big it is or how small it is, it should be measured based on the content what it is carrying to the customers. If it’s simple to understand, organize without any confusion then it is more than enough and that is what the customers look for when they are self-helping themselves. It should even carry the main points of what that article is about and also add relevant images or videos for the articles to make the article look beautiful. Important sentences in the articles can be highlighted by making it bold or changing its size by increasing it than the usual size. Depending upon the target audience also we can choose how big the article should be and also based on the topic what we write, we can choose whether to write small or big or medium.

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