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How can online videos turn as customer self service portal?

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Imagine this scenario “Mark, one of your customer, tries to reach your support team because he is having some troubleshooting problem. He calls to your team but they put hold the call for long time. He gets frustrated for making him wait. While Tina, one of your agent finally attends his call and will take about 15 minutes to solve the problem. Mark was calm down but still little disappointed.

Few weeks later, Mark had faced the same issue, he tries to recall the steps what Tina had taught him but fails. He couldn’t find the solution elsewhere and finally again he calls the support team.”

Here in this scenario we can see 2 major issues that are long hold call duration and repeated calls to the support team. These two issues can ruin your relationship with the customers. One tip to solve these issues is by promoting customer self service through instructional online videos.

Videos can help customers their issues on their own. They are easy and visual in nature where customers can see the videos and solve the problems. Here you can see some points how online videos help as a customer self service portal which is essential for your business.

1.Identify top customer queries:
If you want to decrease the repeated calls from the customers, then you check what the top customer query is and create a video for that. After that you can create videos for less commonly asked queries.

2.Select a hosting website:
No doubt YouTube is the most popular video channel, but there are many other video hosting sites, choose the correct video channels by analyzing where your most of the customers are convenient.

3.Videos should resemble your brand:
Your online videos acts a customer’s self service, so ensure that the content and the message you are conveying in the video is correct which will reflect your brand. Be careful before you present these videos to customers because your are showcasing yourself through these videos and once these are uploaded they can view within minutes.

4.Engage your agents :
Agents should have an idea on how to use videos, what is the content of the video that are uploaded because this will help them to answer the customer queries in a more accurate way and they can also tell the customers to watch the video for further clarification.

5.Promote the videos:
Videos as a Customer self service can reduce your issues if customers know that there is video available for the query .Tell the customers how they can access the videos and the topics which are discussed in the video will encourage the customers to check out for future queries.

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faasthelp has amazing features like :

All these features are bundled in a single button and can be integrated into your business application in less than a minute without disturbing any other functions. So make your customers happy and increase your customer satisfaction by just logging onto .
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