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How chatbots are created using artificial intelligence?

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Today the world is becoming technology global and due to increase in the technology it has brought us many advantages in our life and because of these advantages it has led us to demand or provide immediate solutions for everything.

Due to this fast increasing in technology, the customer support industry finds necessary to rebuild itself because the processes which are based on steps and data are now no longer in use. Today customer service industries have to focus on understanding what customers want and giving them what they require.

So now Intelligent virtual assistants (IVA) also known as chatbots or just bots are playing a significant role in the customer service. They are a creation for the companies with demanding sales and customer support requirement. Not only they are new and unique but they are also cost effective which keeps customers happy. Having a virtual assistant on your company website will increase customer satisfaction in short and long term.

Virtual assistants are created using a technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).In a simple language this is a machine which imitates the “cognitive” functions that we humans connect with our brains, such as “learning” “decision making” and “solving problems.” When Artificial Intelligence technology is applied to these bots, their conversations are simulated on what steps a human would do to find information. By following the way a human thinks and understands natural conversation, bots can acquire the information, store it and replies for the correct answer.

Virtual assistants can now understand what the user/customer intention is and this is possible because of Neural Networks. A neural network is nothing but a computer system which is developed on the basis of human brain and nervous system. It focuses to solve problems the same way a human brain would. Each neural unit is connected to others, and these links can enforce other connected neural units. Rather than being explicitly programmed, these can teach and train themselves. They stand out in areas where the problem solving or ability to detect something is difficult to express in normal programming language.

Virtual assistants will learn from the users automatically. This outstanding ability takes place through Machine Learning. It is a branch of Artificial Intelligence where computers are able to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine Learning refers to creating programs that can generalize behaviors based on the information which it is getting. Machine Learning allows the virtual assistant to learn new words and meanings every day, by which it can rapidly increase its accuracy and understanding capacity.

Virtual assistants are bringing the new change in the communication system between companies and their customers. They take advantage of information and knowledge obtained from users as well for a more personalized and accurate service and deliver best customer service.


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