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How Important is Collaborative Work in Customer Support

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This is an age of customer era which demands a quality service for their requests at a possible short time with reduced cost. Hence the conventional method of one ticket-one service agent is no more an efficient method of resolving and handling customer requests. As the workflow of a service request is getting longer and longer as well as complex, one organization must seek for a better process to reduce the overall workflow stages, cost and time to make the delivery. To achieve that collaboration and collaboration tools is the answer. The following are the five reasons on why collaboration is inevitable in today’s customer service business.

To reduce delivery time
A collaboration tool which broadcasts the same information across the organization, assignment of a right ticket to right service agents can be handled easily. Avoiding the stagnation of a customer request for a long time, for example instead of assigning complex tickets to a junior level service agent and making it stuck for a long time, a collaborative way to work and get the tickets assigned to an expert agent will reduce the delivery time for a customer request.

To avoid re-work
The error is human. At the same time, quality of service can’t be compromised. A collaborative review process in place can very well reduce the margin of an error in any aspects such as code change, data fix etc. by doing so, a huge amount of re-work can be avoided

To reduce overall cost
A collaborative work environment and the system can reduce the overall cost in many ways. The utilization of the team capacity can be achieved to the fullest. Generating new ideas and implementing a process by seeking inputs from different stakeholders across various departments, can reduce cost by optimizing of infrastructure resources, reducing wastage's, ideal time of an agent etc.

To make the service team competent enough
Continual learning is essential for anybody on every day. By establishing a collaborative environment, all the members of the service team can gain experience and increase their competency by seeking expertise mentoring and thus the overall team strength in terms of competency and expertise will get increased.

To have better experience about the service for customers
Nowadays customers’ demands access to the service desk and service agents with email, voice, on chat, through social media, web or even videos. It is the responsibility of the organization to enable all these facilities. This can be made through collaboration applications which can be used to create an interface between the customers and service agents.

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