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As the world changes, so do the technology will be changing day to day and according to that even the expectations of the customers.Customers want to access to any important information anywhere in the world and from any device and this is possible with the help of advancement in technology. We also know that the technology is used to help us to get better customer experience. But in what way?? Let us find the ways in which we will get better customer experience using technology.

Social Media:
Social Media plays an important vital role in getting good experience. You can reach out to customers via so many different customer service channels like twitter and facebook and ask their experiences by using your product and vice versa customers can reach out to you and share their experiences via these channels.

You will be able to meet their expectations and streamline your customer service to ensure that you offer a better customer experience.

By having a contact through social media channels everyone in your team will know all their past conversations and know all their contact details and you will be able to keep the customer experience transparent.
For example, you have a customer who initially called support team and later to the sales team and spoke and now is on the phone with customer service. By using the technology you can bring all these conversations together to ensure there is no miscommunication happens and the customer is served with consistent and good customer experience throughout.

Sentiment Analysis:
Sentiment Analysis is a set of process to understand the customer’s feelings, emotions and bring changes to our motives in serving the customers and deliver what they want and there increase customer experience.Sentiment Analysis is how you can track the customers and this can be done by analyzing customer feedback forms and social media platforms.

Tools such as natural language processing, computational linguistics, and text analysis are employed to determine your customer’s emotional attachment to your organization.

Using Sentiment Analysis, you can have a better understanding of positive and negative feelings of the customers while interacting with you. This information allows managing the negative feedback and making it positive and thereby increasing the customer experience.

Data Analytics:
The importance of data analytics in increasing day by day.You can find it easy to study the customer engagement on your website using some of the data analytics tools. For example, what keywords are customers searching, in which page of your website customers is spending more time? And many more details can be known about this technology and you can increase your customer experience using these technologies.

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