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How to Communicate clearly with Customers?

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Effective communication is the key for any business organization to become a business leader. Communication could be through any media like email, telephone, chat, video conferencing or even in face to face. But with a right blend of courtesy, professionalism, emotions and intimation in communication with the customers will increase the positive relationship between the customers and the company. The below are the guidelines that will help to make a good impression by a customer towards an organization.

Follow the formal courtesy
Always start the conversation with a greeting note like “good morning”, “nice to meet you” etc. and end the conversation with phrases like “thank you”, “have a nice day”, you are welcome” etc. use words like “please”, “kindly”, in case you are requesting the customer to get an information or to do an activity.

Acknowledge with emotions while listening
Don’t listen to the customers like a robot. Try to understand the customer’s state of mind with their words and acknowledge it accordingly. This will please them if the customers are happy, at the same time it cools them when they are frustrated. Use exclamatory smileys if the conversation is through chat and reflect with proper gestures when customers are in person.

Keep the customers informed from time to time
No information is also an information. Even if you are in small progress of customer request, keep them informed. The customer should not feel lost for their request at any point of time. They have the right to know what status their request is in and with whom it is pending with.

Sent email if evidence is required in future
Email is also an essential documentation in any sector. If you are sending a technical information or promising a deadline it’s better to use email so that your promises are documented and can be used as evidence in future as any kind of miscommunication can be avoided. If you are tabulating a schedule, effort estimation, costing structure or some short steps to follow if sent it through email will help the customers to use those things as a reference in future and thus repeated queries can be avoided.

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