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How to provide the best Customer Support for all ?

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Whether you are one man show or a big organization, the customer support efforts which you put in are important which helps in building good customer relationships between you and your customer.
So here are some best practices to apply for providing best customer support:

Reply Immediately:
Some companies may have a large number of the support team and for example, you may have a team of 4 to 5 people.Irrespective of the size of the team see that you respond to your customers immediately because as now it’s a digital era customers expect for your replies as quickly as possible through some media like live chat or by an email. Even if your reply is simple like “we are working on it” customers feel that they queries are heard.

Stay in touch:
Always keep in touch with the customers so that you can keep them holding for very long time.A useful tip is one way to stay in touch by sending emails or providing a tip which will help for better use of the product or maybe you can publish a short paragraph about a new feature. However y, u can do, do it so that customers remember you always.

Ask for the feedback: 
Sometimes feedbacks are hard to hear but if you don’t take feedback there are chances that you miss some important data which they provide because this is the only prime way to get to know what exactly customer needs. You may go out of your business if you neglect to take their feedback. Sometimes a complaint can also be a gift. Think about it!!!

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