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Tips to improve your Visual content in FAQ


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Customer self service/FAQ/Knowledge base anything you call it the purpose is same that is to help customers to solve the issues independently without waiting for the support team to solve the problem.According to recent survey many customers want businesses to have a self service portal as it empowers customers by letting them to take decision on their own and be more online there by there is a better customer engagement as well.
On the other hand if you want to improve your knowledge base visual aids will be very helpful as it helps the customers easily follow instructions and fully understand the product features.
Below are some visual tools you must use to improve your Knowledge base:


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Videos are the most commonly used visual tool in any platform. As video contains both audio and video, it is easy to see a video and to hear the instructions which make any concept clear. You should see that the quality of the audio should be crisp and clear and the video quality also should be finest. See that video length is optimum to 1 to 2 minutes.

2.Images and Screenshots:

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Images and Screenshots are another type of visual tools which can be used in the knowledge base to tell the customers about the product features, or features of a website which will also be useful for them when they are using your website.

3.Graphs and Charts:

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Graphs and charts are the special visual tool which will more useful for data driven customers. These graphs and charts help to explain complex processes of products performance. Graphs can also be used to compare other product features to yours. You can have those graphs and charts at the time of presentations to demonstrate a point and allow customers to take certain actions.

4.Animated Graphic Images:

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By using Animated Graphic images to your knowledge base articles, it adds an attention and beautiful feeling for your knowledge base for explaining the product features or the step by step procedure for a particular feature where customers even enjoy reading your knowledge base.


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Infographics is an excellent tool in which you can collect all the important data and keep them in a uniform arrangement visually. You can use them to explain the step by step information by variety components such as graphs, icons or diagrams. While doing info graphics you should be sure to highlight important data using right colours and shapes and also avoid pushing a space with too many elements which hinders the appearance of an infograph.


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The drawing tools can be used while explaining for businesses having some manuals or some instruction kits.They are commonly used for explaining small gadgets like phone or home and electric appliances.

Apart from all these make sure to keep your other customer service channels accessible at all times as your customers may be experiencing some unique issues.

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