How our IVA’s (Intelligent Virtual Assistants) can help your customers?

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We are in the age where technology is changing and improving rapidly in day to day customers’ lives so that even companies are ready for having a tech helper like intelligent systems. So the businesses need Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA) like faasthelps’ Rocchat,Roctalk and Rocemail to help out in their respective sectors. Our systems are used in sales, customer support and customer service. They respond to your customers in seconds with more accuracy, efficiency and empathy.

Our faasthelp's intelligent virtual assistants provide a high quality customer service and support for a wide variety of industries with the ability to listen to the customers’ queries, understand them and respond accordingly. The conversations are not limited to basic communication, customers can request information about their account balance if it’s banking and financial sector, update their accounts and also guides on how to make payments for any booking or online shopping.

Most importantly, IVA’s (Intelligent Virtual Assistants) are a one stop solution for B2B or B2C customer services. Our AI (artificial intelligence) systems can be oriented to various industries and can also focus on improving the customer experience in any industry.

Here are few examples where our faasthelp's IVA’s (Intelligent Virtual Assistants) can improve the customer experience and provide better customer engagement.

1.Finance, Banking and Insurance:
Customers can make their appointments, update their appointments, and create new insurance policies and new accounts through our machine systems. It also helps in finding branch locations nearby customers place, branch address and the phone numbers. It can make the process of banking transactions easily and securely and provides any type of information like loan status and closure dates of the insurance. We can promote your new insurance policies, different types of loan through our proactive chat and talk.

Healthcare field needs to serve millions of customers safely, quickly and effectively everyday. There were days when they were waiting in long lines or searching the website just to find the answer to simple questions. Now you can say good bye to all those with our faasthelp’s IVA’s (Intelligent Virtual Assistants). Customers can find out when their doctors are available to take appointment, provides any information about prescriptions, sends reminders about the payment through an proactive chat and talk .Customers can even ask an our AI IVA’s (Intelligent Virtual Assistants) how to enroll in any new health insurance policies or to update on their personal coverage.

3.Travel and food:
For travellers booking a vacation or a customer ordering food online faasthelp’s IVA help in booking reservations or provide the status of the tracking of the food ordered. Rocchat,Roctalk and Rocemail help find the flight status, provide information about nearby hotel and tourists places or informs customers any delays or travel alerts that may affect their journey.

4.Utilities :
Our faasthelp’s IVA’s(Intelligent Virtual Assistants) can also support for utilities sector like other industries. They will be the first place to contact for utilities related queries customers are having. Our AI machines can answer many of the questions related to utility services, services issues like paying bill issues, information about tracking orders and start and stop of the services.

5.Retail and Online shopping :
Our IVA’s(Intelligent Virtual Assistants) can create a best customer experience by helping them in managing everything right from pre-sales questions, tracking orders, cancellation, product changes, offers, the location of branches, how to make payment and closing of sales. Our products solve the great challenge of e-commerce by offering instant answers while pre-sale and post-sale, tracking orders, product changes and guides on how to do payments by solving any problem with the fastest response.

Overall regardless of any industries our IVA’s (Intelligent Virtual Assistants) saves time and money and offers best customer experience with efficiency and empathy.

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Faasthelp is a sales and customer support software powered with Artificial intelligence. Our faasthelp’s products which are Rocchat,Roctalk and Rocemail proactively starts chatting with your customers and solves the query, gives assistance if they have any .It will reply within seconds through chat, voice and mail whenever customers are on your website. Our products will also help you in sales of your products or services. It has also knowledge base and ticketing software where you can have any number of knowledge base questions which will help customers self helping themselves and they can also raise a ticket by logging a query.

Advantages for having faasthelp to your business :

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