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Building a good relationship with the customers is the most important thing while in any organization. If we are frequently in touch with the customers they find your organization better than anyone else. Some things which we should keep on doing to achieve customers satisfaction are :

1. Have a good communication with your customer while sending messages to them.See that in what way you are sending the messages to them and how would you want them to view your message and your product.A good communication is a key to achieve high customer satisfaction and we need to keep in mind what promises we are making with the messages sent to them.
Have a check of the messages sent to the customers because the actual trouble starts when the team is not on the same page. For example, the Marketing team will be sending one type of message and sales team will be sending another type of messages thereby customer will be misinterpreted what to expect and will be unsatisfied with the experience as there is no consistency.

2. Sending consistent messages through different social media channels is the also a key to the customer experience.By promoting specific campaigns through Facebook posts or by email marketing makes the customers gain the customer satisfaction. Multi channel marketing can be done to maintain the consistency so that customers will be aware of what is happening and welcome the changes as well.

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