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As years are going, many students are showing more interest towards distance education by E-learning so that they can study from any corner of the world. Many educational institutions are realizing the need of having a online support to assist the students. Having a live chat in online support will be an efficient tool for providing support to the students who will be visiting the websites for any doubts. Below can be some of the benefits of live chat in educational institutions :

1.Increase in admissions:
According to a recent survey, it shows that by having live chat support on educational institutions websites, there has been an enormous increase in the admissions. As artificial intelligence chatbots will be available 24/7 and providing same as real time support it enables students as well as those currently enrolled can navigate easily in the website and find any information and if they didn’t find any they can ask online representative. If it will be a multilingual chat then students from all over the world can get their queries addressed in a more effective manner in there required language.

2.More interaction:
Sometimes finding any information in the school or university website becomes a tedious task for sometimes and they don’t find the information they will lose interest and close the website. So by live chat, website can become more lively and interactive so that students can discuss any topics by chatting with online representative so that they can get all the information. Online representatives or AI based chatbots can proactively greet the students and talk to them, and ask if they need any help. The user experience will also become great as they help out the students.

3.Cost effective:
By having live chat in institutions website can save time and cost compared to a phone support or other means of communication. When providing support over phone it is possible to interact with only one person whereas through live chat software they will be able to interact with many students simultaneously thus saving lot of time and cost.

4.Get to know about student’s trends:
Usually live chat offers a real time monitoring system through which we can get to know the interests of the website visitors. Similarly for educational institutes having a live chat leads to a better understanding of the needs and interests of the students coming to the website.

With rapidly increasing in the technology we can also have an artificial intelligence chatbot in our live chat software because of the reason that human agents cannot be available 24/7, and these can represent the agents and give assistance to the new students and can give them a personal touch.


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