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How to make Customer Support moments memorable to Customers ?

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Each engagement between the service agent of an organization and the customer is an opportunity to create an extraordinary moment that is distinguished from the rest. Anyone can do the big things right, it’s the little things that differentiate one business from another and that influence customers to choose one over the other. The following are the key strategies to be implemented to create memorable customer moments.

Use vocabulary of positive words
The customer support team must be trained and developed with a culture of always using the most positive vocabulary which will always give a memorable happiness to the person interacting with the website. This includes phrases like “it’s so kind of you”, "you are most welcome” etc.

Personalize with each customer
Each person naturally like to be addressed in an intimate manner.Start your conversation with a personalized note with each individual. This could be calling their signature name etc. There is nothing wrong if u ask “how are you” to a customer you have interacted before. These small things will make the moments memorable for your customers.

Give a surprise delight
There are many ways to give surprise delight to customers. Some of them are congratulating for their achievements, wishing for their birthdays etc. Be a savior by volunteering and committing yourself immediately after knowing a customer is in need for help, by calling a customer over the phone to give immediate resolution for their critical problems is the greatest customer delight.

Empower the team to interact with freedom
Instead of following a scripted conversation by mail or chat or over a phone a service agent can unleash their pleasing skills in their own unique way to wow the customers. This will make the customers to feel the human presence and not a robot, which will increase the trust that their concerns are taken care.

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