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Mechanism to segregate Customer Issues through Customer Support

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Segregating the customer issues is the first step a help desk service should do. By doing so will help to organize your support system. Choosing the wrong segregation mechanism will have repercussions throughout your support service, from inefficiencies in assigning requests to inability to accurate delivery of the types of requests you’re receiving. The Customer issues can be segregated on any one of the below lists in services.

1. Access request and issues
These kinds of customer issues can be handled with the minimum skill set service agents as this only deals with access mechanism, service agents can be easily educated with the approval process of getting access to the application and resolving issues.

2. Data fixes
These kinds of customer issues are also required only minimum skill set but should have a basic knowledge about the objects and attributes in the application.

3. Delegation changes.
The service agents who are handling these kinds of customer issues required a thorough knowledge of business process and workflow of functionalities.

4. Reporting
This kind of requested should be segregated for database handlers. The service personnel should have good skills in querying and retrieving the records from the database associated with the application.

5. Application glitches
To handle the glitches, one service agent must have both in-depth technical skills as well as functional knowledge. Then only these kinds of issues can be resolved on time.

6. Service requests.
The service agents should be a developer to resolve issues and do enhancements in the application based on the customer requests.

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