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First Let your customer explain or demonstrate what they are facing, Show that you are listening by making the appropriate responses, such as asking appropriate questions, "I do understand", "I can feel the pain "or suggesting how to solve the problem. A Customer should not get an experience that person hasn't been paid attention and Customer needs to be explaining the issue again and again. Respond to them with the appropriate emotions and make them feel like they are interacting with living humans and not with Robots. When listening to your customers, take into account what changes your organization should make from this feedback, and then follow through. Your customers are the lifeblood of your organization, and not dealing with the reasonable requests could cause a backlash.

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FAASTHELP has many features where you and your customers can just log, chat and search for self-help, email alerts and track their issues and all these features are bundled in a single button and integrate into your business application in less than a minute without disturbing any other functions.Add unlimited Agents/employees to support your business with no additional cost. So make your customers happy by just logging on to #faasthelp #customersupport #bestlivechat #knowledgebase #bestcustomerservicesoftware

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