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It is a best practice to notify all the stakeholders whenever there is an action or event occurs. But in most cases, either this practice is ignored or will disturb the customers due to irrelevant or redundant notifications are sent via SMS or email. If notified to the customer in right time, will increase the customer satisfaction on the service offered by the organization. we should notify in events like whenever new tickets are raised, assigned, outage or downtime of application, at the time of resuming of the application after downtime, when the status of the ticket is changed and when the ticket is closed.

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Faasthelp has many features where you and your customers can just log,chat and search for self-help,email alerts and track their issues and all these features are bundled in a single button and integrate into your business application in less than a minute without disturbing any other functions.Add unlimited Agents/employees to support your business with no additional cost.Just don't forget to log on to . #faasthelp #bestcustomersupportsoftware #livesupport #bestknowledgebase #unlimitedagents

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