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Proactive Support and Predictive Analysis are they important for service?

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In the current competitive market trend, the organization must look beyond customer satisfaction and to exceed the customer’s expectation. It is also inevitable to launch a product without any problems or customer complaints. So it is good for the sustainability of the business organization to provide a proactive support for customer problems before the problem escalated by the customer and to do a research on anticipating the customer needs.

Proactive customer support is nothing but it should predict the customer difficulties in experiencing the product and try to resolve it before it get escalated and leads to customer frustration. These could be done by providing a content of frequently asked questions, flashing or hovering a help content etc. By providing a proactive support could help retaining the existing customers. The loyalty of the customers never decreases it also controls the support calls and the number of tickets raised and thus helps in reducing the support and maintenance costs.

Thus both proactive support and predictive analysis are two most essential activities the business organization must perform in order to their long lasting sustainability and having a competitive edge over their competitors in the eye of customers.

Anticipating the customer needs and providing solutions accordingly will increase the advocates for the brand. This will encourage new customers to switch to your brand and prevents the existing customers to switch to other brands. This can be done by customer’s behavior and comments in various public platforms like forums, social media sites about the product and organization. Predictive analytics empowers organizations to plan for the future, which can transform an uncertainty into a usable action with high probability.

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