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Have you published a knowledge base article?So what next?

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In previous blogs, we have seen what the purpose of having a knowledge base is, how to manage it and what are the important steps to be taken care of before publishing any article.
In this blog, we will know about what are the things to do once the article is published.

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The most important thing after a knowledge base article is published is that to have a feedback for those articles. You need to analyze whether the article is reaching and helping out the customers as well as a support team. Helping out support team?? You might be thinking in what way an article is going to help the support team right? Yes, definitely it will help the support team, by publishing a knowledge base article about any queries that the customers are asking to the support team, the agents need not be 24/7 answering the phone calls instead customers can go through the knowledge base by self -studying it

We need to see that, has it reduced the number of questions about any feature once the article is published about that feature and are they any other agents using this article to support other articles.If not why?

We need to be ready for any negative feedback as well so that we will get to know what exactly the customers want from us and we turn that negative feedback as another article and get back to them or can update the present article itself as quickly as possible so that customer is satisfied in giving the right knowledge about the product or the feature.

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