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A Knowledge base is the means of which you speak with your customers. It's understanding your customer's torment and examining their ability to utilize your product. Knowledge base aides your customers towards an answer through an organized documentation by which the customers get relief.

The objective of the knowledge base is to make documentation so great that your customers don't have to call your support team, as well as the support team, need not work for 24/7 attending the customer’s phone call.

Knowledge base articles are particularly useful for all type of products as well as some complex products that customers will become more familiar after using the product for some time by understanding the knowledge base.

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Nowadays as technical products and Software as a Service (SaaS) have turned out to be more in number in the market, having a knowledge base helps to maintain a good relationship between the businesses and the customers over a long period of time.

A good Knowledge base is vital to your customers thereby increasing the customer satisfaction by suspecting the issues and inquiries before they happen.

Knowledge base content should be short and answered to the point such that customers can understand about the product. We need to keep in mind that the articles should not be too long so that there are chances those customers contacting the support team by not understanding the content of a knowledge base.

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