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How to reduce tickets with great FAQ ?

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FAQ or Knowledgebase is essential for every business. It helps in increasing the business growth and promotes self service which allows customers to solve the issue by themselves. Having a FAQ page can also reduce the frustration of the customers and also decreases the number of tickets raised. So to reduce the tickets have some features in your FAQ page which are discussed below and follow the tips as well.

1.Have your answers organized with categories:
FAQ is a place where customers can reach out for the answers of the issues or even it is a place to learn more about your product. So make the answers as easy as possible for the customers to reach out. The questions should be organized by having categories which will be easy for the customers to look out for the answers. You can even track which questions are more often asked with the help of Analytics and feature those frequently asked questions on the main page of FAQ.

2.Have a Search bar:
Having a search bar helps the customers find the answers which they want to know quickly by just a right keyword in a search bar. When there is a product with lot of information search bar will be very useful.

3.Add Images and Visuals:
Sometimes by adding images or visuals to the answers makes the answer to look in a better way than it is to tell them. It also makes the answer more interesting to have a look.

4.Make your answers short:
While writing answers for the questions in FAQ ensure that the answers are short and precise and see to that you are answering to the point. There is no need to write an essay about every detail of your product in every answer.

5.Be available for the customers:
If customers cannot find the answers make easy for the customers to contact you which will avoid customers getting angry or frustrated and go away from your business. Let your customers know you are available to them.

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