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What are some good strategies for Customer Engagement ?

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Customer Engagement is about encouraging your customers to interact and share the experiences you create for them as a business or as a brand. When we execute well, a strong customer engagement strategy will promote the business growth and loyalty.
Businesses should focus on customer engagement, value creation rather than revenue. Businesses should have something meaningful and useful real-time support and a brilliant end to end customer experience. Below are some strategies which we have to do for a good customer engagement:

Sending emails regularly to the customers is the simple way to keep in touch with them. By sending emails regarding product features, new plans, and subscriptions, about any new offers customers feel happy that they remembered by you and get themselves engaged.

2.Phone Calls and live chat:
We can keep customers engaged by making a phone call or by chatting in person with them and asking about our service or asking if they have any problem so that customers feel that are specially taken care of and will be happy for the customer service we are giving.

3.By conducting Contests:
Yes, by conducting contests among all your customers like how well they know about your product, company and announce exciting prizes for the winners. Customers will be eager to win prizes thereby they make use of the knowledge base articles available to know about your product and thereby they keep engaged in our website.

4.Live sessions:
Have live sessions with all your customers so that you can interact with them all at once and can take their suggestions or choices in improving your product so that even you have an idea what customers are thinking and also even they will be engaged with you and your business regularly.

5.Webinars and Seminars:
Webinars and Seminars can also be conducted with the customers by taking some important topic for discussion for example about any new feature that is developed etc so that even customers will be known about what is going on in your business as they are important part of your business and shows keen interest towards on their engagement on your website.

Yes, by writing some topics as blogs and articles it will helpful for the customers when they need it or they can use for further references. By doing this customer will also be engaged in your website which automatically leads to good customer engagement. 

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