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Do you or your company share an internal drive where you keep all the data you needed while working? Do you use emails,Google documents and drop box to share your knowledge among your co workers??? If this is the case then your company seriously needs a Knowledge base.
According to a study, on an average employee spends nearly 20% percent of his work time in searching relevant documents which are needed for his task.The study further implies that a good searchable knowledge base can reduce the time employees spent in searching the documents needed. Great isn’t???
Let’s have a look at what other benefits we can get by having an internal Knowledge base

Best Customer Support :
“Have you come across situations like support team guy holding a call and you were sure that the guy went to ask his colleagues about the issue since he didn’t know the answer??”
Yes, we might have experienced these type of situations. Sometimes even the best customer support employee who has technical knowledge will get struck to give quick information.
So having an internal Knowledge base with all the information employees/support agent can avoid these type of scenarios by quickly referring to the knowledge base and can provide a best, efficient customer support to the customers which saves a lot of time.

Good Customer Satisfaction :
By having internal Knowledge base, better employee engagement can happen and better collaboration create more efficient working environment which leads to better and effective customer service so, at the end of the day, your customers will be more satisfied and less likely to churn.
And what’s more important for your business than customer satisfaction?

Better Employee Engagement:
As high authorities or seniors give role to the other employees or newly hired employees to add their thoughts and tips to the knowledge base they will have more interest in solving the customers problems as well and thereby it improves employee engagement and better communication which increases productivity.

Reduced Employee training time:
Any businesses where most of the workforce operates and interacts online from different parts of the world, employee training must also be done by online but sometimes takes a lot of time. All this training process can be done through internal knowledge base instead. You can insert images, add videos everything that a new employee needs to learn.

Future Reference
Internal Knowledge base can be stored and used for future references making it accessible and searchable and as company size increases new employees come and these articles will help them to understand your product features.

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