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Tips to do a Good Followup with Customers

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Almost every customer is too busy and short of time. They couldn’t spend time on things which they really wanted to do. In such case a gentle push from external way will alarm them and make them to complete their activity. Following up with the customer is an essential step to build a relationship and move your connections further up the sales ladder as well as increase the profitability. The below are the few best ways to do a follow up with the customers.

Send a Gentle Reminder email
It is not wrong to send a gentle remainder with an email with the subject line of same for confirmation on order, any clarification on request and updates on feedback etc. But remember that, it should be send only after you waited for some time, say after a day. The time you send an email should be not too short or not too long after your previous interaction with the same customer.

Don’t put hold for long time. Call Immediately.
If you couldn’t proceed with a request of the customer, call them immediately as soon as possible and tell them “No” right away. Don’t make the customers stay with false hope for a long time. Just disappearing after committing to a request will do a greater damage to the reputation of the organization. Customers may also appreciate the truth just as much as we all do.

Be Polite, Proactive and Patient, Never Pester
Do your first time follow-up proactively with sufficient gap after your previous conversation. Respect the customers time and be patient until they comeback after your first follow-up. Don’t nurture the customers by doing so much of follow ups in short time. This make them disturb and run away from you.

Know the customers convenience
Call your customers only at their convenient times. Ask the customers like “is the right time to talk to you” before you explain. Also shoot questions like “how you feel about your product prospects?”, “how you feel about service quality?” etc. This increases their interest in you and your product and turn them into a successful buyer of your product.

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