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Tips to Forecast or Predict Customer Satisfaction

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Anticipating a customer's satisfaction is an important part of most businesses organizations, mainly in a challenging environment so that customers choose to come back for more. Anticipating customer satisfaction also provides opportunities for personal and professional growth of the business organization.Below are few tips you can forecast your customer’s satisfaction.

Identify the crucial Aspects:
Try to map the customer’s interest points with the organization product and service offerings and assign a weight for each in the list and determine the crucial factor that influences the customers in investing towards the organization. The result could be a brand name, price, quality or competitive edge in a feature of the product or the service quality.

Performance rating options
Well-defined rating options should be provided to the customers and ask them to rate. The options should be at least four between positive to negative were neutral and no opinion should be in between. The options may like excellent, good, need to improve and poor.

Track satisfaction over time
As the opinion of the customer is not static and often changes with time, it is not enough, if feedback or customer surveys are conducted on a yearly or quarterly basis. The ideal frequency of getting feedback is after the resolution is provided for each and every request or incident customer’s raise. Even this can be obtained at the end of each meeting or interaction they do with the organization.

Forecast trends
Combining longitudinal surveys with an understanding of the delay between action and reaction provides the ability to forecast customer satisfaction trends and negate crises before they even arise. Of course, there will also be industry related trends that may affect customer satisfaction that is beyond the span of control but by identifying these early and integrating them into forecasts they can be managed. It’s good for one Organization to continuously monitoring competitor’s offerings as this impacts the Customers opinion.

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