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Most Customers usually don’t spend their valuable time to register their feedback for any product or service. Customers often choose to volunteer for sharing the feedback if they either had a delightful experience about the product and service or having a frustrating experience. It is OK for an organization if a positive feedback from a customer is missed. But if the customers are not provided with proper channel to capture the negative feedback and failed to take action, they decide to never to do business with the service provider again. Hence every organization should use a well-structured feedback system in the right timing for not to lose business because of uncaptured feedback from the customer.
The following are the effective ways of getting customers feedbacks.

Send automated email after every request is resolved.
Use definitive rating options to choose between 1 to 5 for various performance measures like, overall satisfaction, service agent courtesy, technical ability of service agent, response time and time to resolve. This feedback form should be sent after each incident or a request is resolved.

Frequency of customer visits and usability analysis.
The fact is that an actual usability data will speak the truth about your status of the product success. Count on each visit of customers and do analysis on their return to their site or application and what makes them to visit again. This kind of analysis will be helpful in finding the strength and weakness of your product or service.

Do direct surveys in social platforms.
Conduct surveys with set of questionnaires by reaching out to the customer directly in public domain is the best way to get the customer feedbacks. Also monitoring of reviews from various customers in customer forums and other websites which compares your product with competitors. This kind of surveillance will provide the contextual information and the must have feature a competitor is having which may have to be developed in your product.

Provide Feedback forms in the application itself
This remains one of the most effective methods of generating feedback. Placing a well-structured feedback form or a feedback box with set of questions and options prominently on the web application with pop-up will give the customers a cushion of readymade and immediate option to register their feedback. It would be great if an auto-respond system is place along with the every feedback form submission.

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